Feature overview

User management
Roll allocation
Site management
Machine management
Knife history
Knife service lives
Machine productivity
Machine runtimes
Performance reports/indicators
Machine runtimes over the last 24 hours
Downtime analysis
Help time analysis
Cutting records
Automated tracking of client's internal order number
Automated tracking by cutting program
Manual input of the order number
Manual tracking by cutting program
New machines Polar
Used machines Polar
New machines from other providers
Used machines from other providers
System integration
Option for integration with another program (BDE)
Option for integration with another program (BDE)
Installation feeper machine, one time only
Annual feeper machine per month

* This price includes installation by a qualified service technician, software configuration and conversion of your existing knives for use as an IntelliKnife.

Afterwards, we charge annual fees for using the software. These annual fees are paid in advance and are calculated at €25.00 (plus statutory VAT) per machine and month. The fees are charged pro rata for the current year.